For the First Time In 6 Years, Adam Sandler Got Snubbed at the Razzies


Throughout the more recent years of his career, Adam Sandler has gained a reputation for making horrible films. At least his recent four movie deal with Netflix has made it so that audiences do not have to go to the theatres to be subjected to the hot messes he brands as feature films. Adam Sandler films are so bad, that in 2012, the actor/producer set the record for the most Golden Raspberry Award nominations in a year, with a whopping tally of 11. For those who are not familiar, Golden Raspberry Awards, otherwise known as the "Razzies" is an award show that takes place the night before the Academy Awards, recognising the past year's worst films. By last year, Sandler had acquired a grand total of 34 nominations over the course of 17 years, taking home over half of the awards with 9 "wins".


However, when the shortlist of nominees were announce over the weekend for this year's Razzie Awards, something strange occurred: For the first time since 2011, Adam Sandler was not to be found on nomination list!

It isn't like Sandler took a break from making horrendous films this past year. In May of 2016, Netflix released The Do-Over, the second film in Sandler's four film deal with the company, a film that currently holds a rating of 5% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Another notably absent name from the list is fellow frequent nominee, Eddie Murphy, who made his comeback this year with the critically panned Mr. Church.

Taking the lead this year is Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, with a staggering 8 nominations. Fellow DC release Suicide Squad doesn't treat too far behind, receiving 5 noms in total. Interestingly enough, competitor Marvel is nowhere to be found...


It seems as if "congrats" are in order to Mr. Sandler. Here's to many more years of not being noticed for horrific work!