50 Cent Says He Passed on Signing Desiigner


During a recent trip to Charlotte, North Carolina, 50 Cent stopped by a local Hip-Hop radio station for an interview with on-air personality Chewy for an in-depth discussion on a number of topical subjects. In the chat, the Power executive-producer reveals he almost signed one of the most bubbling names in Hip-Hop at the moment, Desiigner. Starting a bit past the video's 10-minute mark, 50 tells the story of how he invited the 18-year-old talent to G-Unit Records' offices to have him play new music and discuss business. Although he was very much a fan of "Panda", 50 began to develop second thoughts on inking a deal with the Brooklyn-based teen upon discovering he had only recorded two tracks at that point in time.


50 Cent expressed similar uncertainties with Desiigner's potential a previous interview with DJ Sense on Shade 45, fearing his similarities with Future might result in some issues down the line:

"If Future told me he was uncomfortable with it maybe I would be like, 'You did kind of bite that style,'"

In any case, Desiigner does not seem to distraught by the failed deal. Enjoying early success over at Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music, the rapper popped up all over SXSW this past week, with performances that included the premiere of a new single (further adding to the Future comparisons), "Pluto":


This isn't the first time 50 Cent has passed on signing a significant rapper. In thr past, the "I'm The Man" rhymer had opportunities to sign the likes of J. Cole, Danny Brown (both of which had to do with them being "Skinny jean rappers"), Lil B, and even Snoop Dogg, all not working out for one reason or another.