50 Cent Announces New Television Series With Comedy Central


50 Cent has been hustling none-stop this year. So far, he's released a new album, "Animal Ambition", a TV series that he produced, "Power" (which is now the #1 show on the Starz network). He also has plans for two additional albums, one with the newly reunited G-Unit, along with another solo project. Moments ago, Mr. Jackson revealed some exciting news about yet another project. 50 posted a photo of himself to Instagram along with the following caption:

I bet a HATER will get tired of hating. Before I lose passion,I just sold another TV show,COMEDY CENTRAL #smsaudio #power

No word as to if 50 will have an acting role in the series but given the network's already stellar lineup (Workaholics, Broad City, etc.), we wouldn't be surprised if the series becomes a big hit.