4 Years of Wavvy!

Today marks 4 years since I filmed my first-ever interview as Mr. Wavvy. Never as that awkward 17-year-old speaking to Chali 2na in the green room of Cabaret Underworld could I have imagined the feats I would go on to accomplish.


Wanted to take the time to thank you all for your continued love and support, it means the world to me. There is no such thing as too much positivity, an idea that has truly been proven by the kind words of fans, friends, and family throughout the years.

With every new year, I look to grow as both a person and an entity. Interestingly enough, today is also my 1-year anniversary at Cult MTL, a publication that has allowed me to give back to my city in such a significant way, while at the same time continuing to expand my horizons. Thanks in particular to my editor Lorraine Carpenter and the rest of the magazine's wonderful staff, it's been a pleasure working alongside each and every one of you. 

Although my current situation as a university student may pose challenges in terms of time management, I look forward to continuing to elevate the culture at large through the art of conversation. Here's to more wavviness ahead! 🌊🌊

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