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Big Grams EP Giveaway

September 2015 was definitely an exciting time for music. The month saw fantastic new releases from some of our favourite artists such as Mac Miller, Lana Del Rey, Disclosure and even the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards. But perhaps the greatest (and most slept on) of September releases was Big Grams, the new EP by the new trio consisting of OutKast’s Big Boi… Read more →

Big Grams Perform at LA Pop-Up Shop

“Cooler than a polar bear’s toenails!” With one of the best projects of 2015 out in stores and the cover of the upcoming issue of FLOOD Magazine, it seemed like a fairly good time for Big Grams (the collaborative effort between Big Boi and Phantogram) to be celebrating…and that is exactly what they did! Thursday night, the trio surprised fans… Read more →

Wavvy Wednesday Vol. 15

Big Grams Go Back and Fourth on “Goldmine Junkie” Big Grams, the collaborative effort between Big Boi and Phantogram is definitely our most anticipated project for the rest of the year. Dropping this Friday, the trio have already released 3 tracks from their self-titled EP, including the most recently released, “Goldmine Junkie”: The song finds Big Boi and Sarah Barthel… Read more →

Big Grams and Bojack Horseman Cover FLOOD Magazine

Los Angeles based FLOOD Magazine are back with their second issue and have chosen some truly unique specimens as their cover stars. The first features Big Grams, the new collaborative duo consisting of OutKast’s Big Boi and Indie-Electronic duo Phantogram. This marks the first time that Big Grams appear in a magazine, let alone covering one. The second cover features… Read more →

Australian Radio Station Auctions Off Musicians’ Drawings

FBi is a community radio station in Australia that is both independent and nonprofitable. Given these factors, the station has found a truly unique way to raise money in order to continue running: giving their listeners the opportunity to bid on canvas drawings from some of their from some of their favourite artists! This impressive 33 artist list features everyone… Read more →