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Interview: “Space Jam” Director Reveals Spike Lee Almost Wrote the Film, Scrapped Tiger Woods Sequel

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Space Jam, Mr. Wavvy interviews the film’s director, Joe Pytka, to discuss a number of topics, including: – The fact that he didn’t like the idea at first – A sequel that almost happened subsequently after the first film starring Tiger Woods (23:07) – Spike Lee almost writing the film’s final draft (27:36) –… Read more →

Announcing Space Jam Week

The world could really use a laugh right now. Seems like a better time than ever to make this reveal: This week, Space Jam, one of the greatest films of the 1990s, turns 20 years old. Given this, it’s time to celebrate. Announcing “SPACE JAM WEEK”, a week-long commemoration of Michael Jordan‘s polarising feature film debut. In this time, we are… Read more →

Blake Griffin and Looney Tunes Star In New Jordan Commercial

Last week, Lebron James’ film production company signed a deal with Warner Brothers, sparking further speculation of a second Space Jam film. Today, a new video was released that further ignited that flame. To promote the release of the Jordan “Super Fly 4” shoes, the company have released a new ad featuring a dunk contest between LA Clipper Blake Griffin and Duck… Read more →