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Montreal is Throwing a “Big Shiny Tunes 2” Party Because Why Not?

1997 was a weird time for music. Although it was a peak time for prolific artists such as Marilyn Manson and Blur, it was also a great time for now regrettably popular names like Sugar Ray (ugh) and Smash Mouth (uuuugh). Amid this musical tidal wave was one mighty compilation album that captured all the madness: the MuchMusic released Big Shiny… Read more →

We Raved At A Church To The Music Of Giorgio Moroder

Picture this scene: You’re at a beautiful circa 1800s church filled with detailed artwork and religious symbols. However at this church, you aren’t there to pray. Instead, you’re dancing the night away with 1000 other music loves to the sounds of 70s disco. Well, that’s exactly what I did last night at Giorgio Moroder’s POP Montreal concert! Giorgio Moroder is an… Read more →

Just For Laughs 2015: “Weird Al” Yankovic Sweeps Crowd With Free Show

It’s a rainy Tuesday night in downtown Montreal. Not just drizzle but rather chaotic downpour. As I make my way to Just For Laughs’ outdoor Videotron Stage, I am getting absolutely drenched. Perhaps I would have just stayed inside if it were any other night, but there is something special about this particular day: childhood hero and pop-culture phenomenon “Weird… Read more →

Review: A-Trak Returns to Montreal in Full Form for Fool’s Gold Homecoming

I arrive inside the busy St-Laurent parking lot around 6:45, just in time to see Stwo take the stage. However, as much as I enjoy the French producer, he is not the reason I am here on this particular evening. Late last month, Fool’s Gold Records announced a homecoming show, which would serve as Montreal’s own A-Trak’s return to his… Read more →

Ma$e Plays to Around 40 People at London Gig

This is just depressing. Tonight in England, a Hip-Hop show that was set to feature Ma$e, Fat Joe and Foxy Brown. Unfortunately Joe couldn’t make it into England and Foxy pulled out, leaving Ma$e riding solo. However, with the number of people in attendance, he wasn’t too far from riding completely solo! According to various concert attendees, including Musicalize concert… Read more →