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Osheaga’s Top 10 Schedule Conflicts (And Who You Should See)

This weekend will mark the 10th anniversary edition of one of Montreal’s favourite festivals, Osheaga. An interesting aspect about this year’s lineup is that it sees the return of some of the most memorable Osheaga performers of the past 10 years, along with bringing some of music’s hottest names to the city (some of whom are here for the first… Read more →

WayHome’s Top 5 Schedule Conflicts (And Who You Should See)

WayHome is shaping up to be one of the most exciting festivals of the summer. With an insane lineup and unique location at Burl’s Creek camp grounds, WayHome will certainly provide its attendees with a fresh new take on the Canadian festival experience. A few weeks ago, WayHome unveiled the schedule for the 3 days of festivities. One aspect that separates the… Read more →