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6 “Battle of the Beats” We’d Love to See Happen Next

Last night, super-producers Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze competed in a “Battle of the Beats” competition, live from Swizz’s studio. The battle saw the two playing choices of some of their hottest productions, one after the other. Ultimately, Swizz, with the home court advantage, came out victorious.  After the battle, the two expressed this being the start of something larger, hoping… Read more →

5 Must-See Shows at POP Montreal 2016

POP Montreal is both the literal and symbolic end of summer in the city. With this comes the conclusion of another exciting festival season, with POP offering one last hurrah before the party is truly over. Equipped with concerts, films, talks, fashion, and even sports, POP Montreal is a known gem amongst true North American festival-heads. With so many events in… Read more →

Top 10 Osheaga Scheduling Conflicts (And Who You Should See)

The time has finally come for Osheaga 2016. Going to music festivals can be quite stressful; the blistering heat, claustrophobia, disgusting toilet situations, and of course, your favourite artists performing at the same time! While we cannot help with the bulk of these problems, we’ve compiled a list of this year’s Top 10 Osheaga Scheduling Conflicts (And Who You Should See): 10.… Read more →

Top 5 Movies You Should See at Cineplex’s Great Digital Film Festival

Every year, Cineplex puts on a wonderful week-long event at select theatres across Canada titled “The Great Digital Film Festival”. The festival features classic movies, everything from blockbusters to cult favourites, digitally remastered for viewers’ enjoyment (not to mention every ticket is only $6.99 a pop). Today kicks off the 7th edition of the festival and we thought there couldn’t… Read more →

Top 10 Shows You Should Check Out At POP Montreal 2015

North America’s festival season is slowly winding down, although there are still a few more delights for us to enjoy. One of those festivals is Montreal’s own POP Montreal, which kicked off today. The festival showcases music (primary focus), film, art, fashion, conferences and more and gives its attendees to see some of their favourite performers in Montreal’s greatest intimate… Read more →