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Thanks for the Hope, California

Trying to find a shred of silver lining amid this travesty of an election. Here’s a start… California has always a second home to me, along with a true love of mine. So proud to see all of the progressive decisions their citizens have made for the state at yesterday’s polls. From stricter gun laws, increased taxes on tobacco, better… Read more →

2015 Was a Terrible Year For Comedy Films

This is no laughing matter. 2015 made for some very magical movie moments. Whether exhilarating Action (Mad Max: Fury Road, Creed), astounding Animation (Inside Out, The Peanuts Movie) or dazzling Dramas (Room, Youth), every genre seemed to have its shine. This was, however, for every genre but one: Comedy. Coming off a seeming awful 2014, a year with a mere… Read more →