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Review: “Hail, Caesar!” is Back to Bizarre for the Coen Brothers

Throughout their 31 years making films, Joel and Ethan Coen have created a reputation of being completely unpredictable with their choice of projects. However, with whatever they tackle, one thing is certain: high quality work ensures (yes, we’ve got love for The Ladykillers). The brothers’ latest feature, Hail, Caesar! is no exception to this rule. Set Hollywood in the1950s Hail, Caesar! follows the story of Eddie Mannix… Read more →

Review: ‘Idiotsitter’ Pilot Fails to Muster Up Comedy Central Charisma

Has Comedy Central finally found a blemish on that beautiful face of theirs? These past few years, the network has been trailblazing with hit series after hit series, with series such as Broad City, Inside Amy Schumer and Workaholics allowing it to maintain its place as America’s funniest television channel. Even new shows like The Nightly Show and Why? With Hannibal Buress that seemed to get… Read more →

2015 Was a Terrible Year For Comedy Films

This is no laughing matter. 2015 made for some very magical movie moments. Whether exhilarating Action (Mad Max: Fury Road, Creed), astounding Animation (Inside Out, The Peanuts Movie) or dazzling Dramas (Room, Youth), every genre seemed to have its shine. This was, however, for every genre but one: Comedy. Coming off a seeming awful 2014, a year with a mere… Read more →

TIFF 2015: “Youth” Is Yet Another Masterpiece for Paolo Sorrentino

After hearing that Youth would be playing at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, I made it my duty to get my hands on tickets to its premiere. As if the impressive cast featuring Michael Cane, Harvey Keitel, Paul Dano and Jane Fondo helmed together under the creative watch of director Paolo Sorrentino wasn’t enough to grasp my attention, the trailer… Read more →

TIFF 2015: “Sicario” Finds Emily Blunt Delivering Her Greatest Performance to Date

This past weekend, I had the privilege to attend the 40th edition of the Toronto International Film Festival. Among our most anticipated films to see stood Sicario, the latest feature by Quebec-born director Denis Villeneuve. Sicario serves as the first attempt at an action feature for Villeneuve, whose previous efforts such as Prisoners and Enemy debuted at the 2013 edition… Read more →